Janine Saunders


Janine is a doer by heart. Whether it’s creating products, designing experiences, or coming up with strategies, Janine is most happy when the work is grounded in kid-focused social innovation. She has designed and produced for global brands like UNICEF, Ogilvy, Tribeca Film Festival, Penguin Books, and others.  When she’s not connecting sparks, she’s chasing her three year old around the house. @janinesaunders


Susie Kavanaugh


Susie uses her background in education, cognition, and entrepreneurship to reimagine the future of learning. She empowers young people to solve school, community, and global challenges through storytelling and design thinking. Susie designs product, program, and media to ensure the experience promotes collaboration and imagination. She dreams BIG and encourages youth to do the same.  @SusieKav



Barrie Adleberg


Barrie is an imaginative play designer, master people connector, and expert kid experience translator. She brings products and programs to life through ethnography, collaboration, and rapid prototyping. Inspired by story’s ability to enchant and connect peoples and worlds, her work explores how, why, and where games are created and stories are told. With diverse experience in educational tech, including UX/UI, game design, hardware hacking, and coding, Barrie has developed and evaluated programs that grow early innovation. As a data scientist and creative content producer, she pays unique attention to the alignment of user testing and core design principles. When she’s not setting off empathy bombs, you can find her sketching toy designs and discussing the convergence of story and technology at Columbia University.. @barriessentials

Lyka’s Adventure

Lyka’s Adventure is an interactive storyworld and immersive experience that prepares kids with the core competencies needed to test their assumptions of the world with confidence and resiliency. Lyka, a female robot scientist from the planet Ahmee faced a very difficult decision. Abuse and neglect have led to the deterioration of Ahmee, and life as she knows it will never be the same. Our scrappy hero doesn’t falter, she looks inside herself and declares, “I can do something to fix these problems!” With a strong sense of purpose, a curious mind, open heart, and inspired plan of action, Lyka launches her adventure. Lyka’s mission provides relatable context for kids to address and prototype solutions for issues in their own communities. To date Lyka has traveled over 40,000 miles, to 16 countries and visited with 4,000 students.


STEAM, Social-emotional Learning


Unicef, GOOD Magazine, Dr. Julien Foundation, Penguin Books, Take the Cake Productions


To ignite and empower imaginations of all ages.