Aimee Allison


Aimee Allison is Senior Vice President of PowerPAC+, an organization dedicated to electing social justice champions by engaging multiracial voters. She is Co-Director of the Democracy in Color campaign. A political and communications strategist, she was a director at the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women and led several sessions at the United Nations Commission on the status of women NGO conference.

Aimee was an on-camera host for LinkTV, Comcast Newsmakers on CNN Headline News and host of the KPFA morning show. She has appeared as a political commentator on various media outlets including PBS, CBS, and Fox. Aimee has been published in Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. She was awarded fellowships at the Women’s Media Center and the Knight Digital Media Center at U.C. Berkeley. Aimee serves on the corporate board of the YMCA of the East Bay. She is the author of Army of None (Seven Stories Press, 2007) and holds a MA and BA from Stanford University, where she recently was honored with an Award of Merit for her public service.

Aimee’s new book about women of color in politics is due out in Spring 2017. Aimee lives in Oakland, California.


David Kyuman Kim


David Kyuman Kim, co-founder of Re-PublicMedia, is Professor of Religious Studies & American Studies at Connecticut College. Formerly a Senior Advisor at the Social Science Research Council, Kim has taught at Brown, Harvard, and Union Theological Seminary. A nationally-recognized expert on race, democracy, and religion, Kim is also the driving force behind the Love-Driven Politics Collective, a national civic education organization dedicated to transforming American political culture toward an ethos of compassion, generosity, and mercy. He is the author of Melancholic Freedom: Agency and the Spirit of Politics and co-editor of The Post-Secular in Question and Race, Religion, and Late Democracy. An active art-maker, Kim is creative consultant and scholar-in-residence for David Dorfman Dance and host of the online dialogue series Love-Driven Politics, featured on MeaningofLife.Tv/Bloggingheads.Tv.  His latest book project is The Public Life of Love.

Re-Public Media

There has been a resurgence of social hate and racism In our current political climate, and it has made many feel unsafe and worried for the future of our democracy. Re-Public believes that the answer is to expand our connections with one another, develop our empathy, engage those different than ourselves, and build a politics based on love, not fear. Re-Public serves the many Americans — some 64 Million — who long for ways to come together and turn things around.  Re-Public Media facilitates conversations that build empathy through authentic and challenging exchanges centered on love, race, racism, and democracy. We go to where the people live and work – on campuses, on the streets, in public forums, in homes, and through the arts.  Re-Public is helping to make this future possible by broadcasting these dialogues for a broader public, and using technology to connect communities across the nation.

“Love is the fullest expression of our democracy. It gathers our hearts into a common conversation and common purpose.” — David Kyuman Kim

“What David said.” — Aimee Allison


Re-Public is a social justice media company that brings together everyday people  – online and across America – into meaningful conversations about democracy, love, and race.


University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and Annenberg School of Communications

Connecticut College

Villanova University

Vanderbilt University

Slought Art Foundation

Democracy in Color

Love-driven Politics Collective 


Organize, co-produce, and broadcast 5 university-based public events in 2017, 10 in 2018

Build online community of 25,000

Create 3 pilot collaborative and innovative group dialog opportunities

Create a podcast that features audio from the public forums

Create a video series that features conversations in cities around the country