Magalis Martinez-Videaux


Magalis’ work lives at the intersection of immersive storytelling, experience design, emerging technology and education. As an Experience Designer she creates spaces and projects that harness story, play, design and technology as tools to work out concepts for a common good. Her work in education, includes consulting with non-profits and school districts on STEM/STEAM projects and curriculum.

Magalis is currently developing a series of interactive installations that blend her Afro-Cuban heritage with Afrofuturism. @missGalis

Afrofuturist Writer’s Room

Step inside the future as imagined and designed by African-American youth from South Central Los Angeles. The youth, with support from adult mentors, co-design and co-create an immersive and interactive experience that invites people to imagine a shared future through an Afrofuture lens.


Afrofuturism. Immersive storytelling. Design fiction. Emerging technologies. Reimagining the future of learning.


Learn Do Share LOS ANGELES, Critical Design & Gaming HS, LAUSD, Kaos Network, Genesis Academy for Innovation


Afrofuturist Writer’s Room becomes a revolutionary learning model that:

activates people’s passion, creativity, curiosity and ingenuity

provides access to emerging technologies and design methodologies

connects participants to mentors and resources that places them at the center of their passion and creativity